Benefits of Sand/Shot Blasting


Removes Corrosion

Rust can quickly ruin metal buildings, cars and other types of metal property if not removed. One of the biggest benefits of sandblasting or shot blasting is removing rust. 


Saves Time

Sand blasting is both effective and efficient in cleaning or smoothing services. The fine grains of sand quickly remove dirt, rust, paint, and other unwanted debri much faster than other methods.



Sandblasting is a very safe cleaning method for most types of metals. However, for softer metals such as zinc, magnesium or aluminum, the pressure is lowered to prevent any damage.


Removes Oils & Contaminants

Our chemical stripper removes most surface oils and contaminants.  We can also make use of our degreasing bath if off-gassing is not an option-this will ensure the most oil-free surface.

Sand/Shot Blasting

Residential & Commercial Sandblasting in Weber County

We’ve got all your needs covered: from residential, to commercial, repairs, and everything in between. Whatever piece of equipment we work on, we make sure the job matches your specifications & exceeds your expectations.

Sandblasting is generally a very quick process, but the time will vary depending on how large your project is.  No chemicals, scrubbing, or any heavy duty cleanup is needed with Sandblasting. In addition, it typically provides faster results than other cleaning methods.

Each sand/shot blasting project is one of a kind. We want you to know how important you and your poroject are to us so we do our very best to ensure that you and your needs always come first.  Whether you have a small part, vehicle, or larger item, rely on TEFCO for your go-to sandblasting company in Ogden. We can help you get your item looking like new again!

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